Deku: “Hi Ochako! You look beautiful today!” Uraraka: *faints*

Hey, everybody! Ms. M here!

I am honored to say that my first piece of artwork that I am going to submit on My Wander Mind will be a piece of fanart of Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, from My Hero Academia!

This is my most recent piece I have drawn lately, so I thought I would start where I am at skillwise before I uploaded my past work!

So, let’s get right down to it! 😀

Here is Deku in his full glory, via scanned by my printer!

TA-DAH!!!!! 😀

Sorry everyone, I do have to put big ugly watermarks on my pictures because of art thieves unfortunately. : / I hope you guys can forgive me. ❤

But anyway, in this picture Deku is basically saying the same thing he is saying in the title of this blog post: “Hi, Ochaco! You look beautiful today!” And then Ochaco hears him saying this to her and she *faints* Maybe gets sick as well before passing out from absolute shock? xD Haha…

Anyway, I drew Deku in his school uniform in this particular picture because I always see Deku in a lot of fanart in his hero outfit, so I thought I would try something “different”. 😛

The Art Making Process

In this section, I will break down how this picture got made little by little because I managed to get some pics of this piece being made in the process which I will most likely post from now on now that I have a blog to post my artwork and fanart to! 😀

I’ll explain everything little by little. 🙂

Step 1: The Rough Draft

The Rough Draft of Deku!

Oh this particular rough draft… You can baaarely see it in the pictures but I SLAVED over the eyes on Deku to get them looking so perfect that if I made anymore touch ups to them, the paper in the eye area would have ripped eventually. Yup, I wore that place on the paper pretty thin, haha. 😛

Step 2: Inking the Picture

Deku getting inked! 😀

As you see in the picture above, Deku is finally under a very strong light and is finally getting inked over with my little ol’ micron pen! 😀

Now, the hardest part I always find on all of my drawings that I have to do in this process is inking faces; especially on people! One wrong stroke and BAM! Everything is a mess. : ( Luckily, I pulled off inking Deku’s face this time no problem!

I also used another piece of paper to ink Deku onto instead of on the original because the lines come out cleaner. Professional drawings going to be professional. ❤

Step Three: Shading and Crosshatching

Now that the intense part is done, it is time to move on the harder part of the picture and that is to shade it and crosshatch it. In my head, I was always thinking on what could make Deku pop out more and more and have him or any of my pictures to not be so static. And that is what I did!

The Process Below: 

Looking good…
Deku 4
A little half-way done…!

Then finally…

Deku_5 Final Copy (Watermarked)

Now, to an eagle eye artist, you are probably wondering what those white dots are on my picture for… Well unfortunately, my white gel pen to take out stray micron lines made too thick of a white ink spot in certain places on my final draft and they are just stuck on there. Can’t really do anything about them… *sigh* : / But if you can see really closely, I am pretty fond of my white gel pen because you can add certain effects to things in your micron pen drawings! Like shading Deku’s shirt for example… 😀 I also put some white streaks in Deku’s hair because of where the light hits Deku in the picture. The light is coming from the top right corner, but you cannot really see the white ink streaks in his hair unfortunately. : / Or fortunately? I don’t know, haha… xD;;;

Art Mediums/Tools Used

‘Sakura’ and ‘Copic’ Micron Pens were used to crosshatch lines and used for pointillism to ink Deku and on the background.

‘Prismacolor Premier’ Markers (from 10% – 90% gray colors) were used for gray scaling, pointillism on Deku, and pointillism for the background.

‘Sakura Gel Roll’ 0.5 and 1.0 Pens were used for white ink crosshatching and error correction in the picture.

Final Note

Well anyway everyone, that is Deku! It was pretty fun drawing him and I slaved over his hair to make it look perfect, haha. I mostly draw fanart, so I will be uploading more fanart as time goes on!

It took me about a week to get this piece of fanart of Deku shaded and completed. It is never easy to make art, or fanart in this case, to look perfect and we artists slave over the little details that make our pictures pop out like this one. : )

Anyway, here’s hoping you guys enjoy my My Hero Academia fanart! I have a rough sketch of another Boku No Hero Academy (My Hero Academia/ BNHA) piece that I want to complete soon, so I am hoping I will stick with it, haha. 😀

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Me with Deku


Ms. M


Hey everybody! Ms. M here!

Heeeeeeey everybody! My name is Ms. M and I like to draw, god dang it. xD I just started this blog because I needed an outlet to post my artwork on and other creative things I like to do as well, so post it I shall! 😀

Now, a little about myself. 🙂 I am an artist who is a woman and my favorite thing to draw is people. ❤ I like to draw other things as well, but people are my favorite thing to draw! I like to draw with black Micron Pens mostly and usually only stick to gray scale Prismacolor arkers in my pictures and fanart, but I have been wanting to graduate to Copic Markers as well for a while now and will be doing so from this point on. 😀 Basically in short, I will be drawing all of my artwork on marker paper instead of printer paper now which I am really excited about. ^ _^ I have been buying a lot of Copic Markers lately in bulk with the occassional 60% off coupons from Michael’s and those pens do pile up if you happen to buy the 6-packs of them at $14 a pop! That is with a 60% off coupon, haha. 😉 Without the coupon, you’ll be paying about 40 bucks a pop for each one of those bad boys… O _O;;;

And now for a little about my hobbies! In real life, I am also a writer, a minimalist, a frugal weirdo (I like being frugal with my money basically, haha xD ), a master thrifter, a home cook that makes awesome recipes I find on the internet, a lover of craft fairs and farmer’s markets, and I like to exercise! Well… the last one, when I get around to it, haha. I also really enjoy read manga and watching anime, but I looooooove reading manga the most! My favorite genre of manga/anime is Slice of Life, Shonen, and sometimes Romance! xD I also write another blog called Living on Cents as well, so please check it out if you like frugality as much as I do, but being on a fixed income. 🙂

So… I guess that is it? 😀 Hoping you enjoyed my introduction about myself! I will be posting my artwork of my most recent piece of fanart soon, so please look forward to it!

Until then, create on my friends!

– Ms. M